More is More


The Steam Hotel boasts two restaurants in spectacular settings, both of which are ready to take you on a gastronomic as well as spiritual journey.

Welcome to Chamberlin, Locavore and Voltage Lounge Pan-Asian Raw Bar!


Sit in a warm and comfortable environment with large leaded windows that overlook Lake Mälaren and its bustling harbor, whilst enjoying world-class culinary experiences all day long. We are building a modern Steakhouse where energy and power in the form of fire, coal and steam are the basis of the actual cooking. With a focus on small unique suppliers who stand for sustainability, environmental and conscious choices, as do we, you can expect a fresh, unique and lively experience for the whole family.

This is also where you get a great start to the day with a good Nordic breakfast. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and give you a completely new breakfast experience with a buffet presented around health, enjoyment and locally sourced ingredients; all coupled with a large dose of passion and playfulness.

We like to work hard, but also know the importance of a well-deserved break during the working day. Here your ideas turn to new energy by way of a wonderful, tasty and fresh lunch in a rustic setting with unbeatable views. Order meat or fish and pick the accessories you fancy from the salad buffet with it’s inspiration from all over the world.


Enjoy a drink in our skybar on the 18th floor at the rooftop bar surrounded by sweeping views of Lake Mälaren – a unforgettable experience in itself. Locavore serves delicious cocktails, cocktails and selected snacks, and in short, a whole new food concept is presented here.


On the 7th floor you will find our Voltage Lounge, dedicated to energy in new ways. A mix of music, aromas, food, warm baths, cold drinks and hot steam creates an experience for all your senses. In our Pan-Asian Raw Bar awaits delicious cocktails, cool music from our Dj’s and a breathtaking view of Lake Mälaren.

For the hungry, the best of Asian cuisine is offered with high, simple and pure flavors. Dishes perfect to share, as different types of sashimi are combined with fresh Asian salads and smaller dishes that accompany the overall experience in a playful and tasty way.

Voltage Lounge