Att bygga ett hotell i ett 18 våningar högt och 100 år gammalt ångkraftverk var inget beslut som togs över en dag. Men efter att ESS Groups grundare Jonas Stenberg och Carl Lundgren besökt byggnaden och sett dess potential, känt hur den berättar en viktig historia om en svunnen tid, och sett den fantastiska utsikten som fick oss att tappa andan så fanns det ingen återvändo.

Det här var vi vi tvungna att dela med oss till er, på det sätt som vi på ESS Group gör bäst, genom att skapa destinationer samt att inte nöja oss med betyget bra utan alltid sikta på spektakulärt.


The Steam Hotel has several acclaimed siblings, some of which are Europe’s best spa resort, Ystad Saltsjöbad, and Sweden’s best meeting facility Falkenberg Strandbad.

Energy can only be transferred, never created or destroyed. it is known as the principle of energy and symbolises our belief and vision for the steam hotel: with our power, our energy and our joy we wish to transport you to a place you’ve never been to – a place that conveys a feeling you have never experienced before.

To build a hotel with 18 floors out of a 100 years old steam power was no decision taken over one night. Yet after ESS Group founder Jonas Stenberg and Carl Lundgren visited the building and saw its potential, knowing how it tells an important story about a bygone era, and seeing the amazing views that got them breathless there was no turning back. We had no other choice but to to share this with you, in the way that only we at ESS Group know how, by creating destinations and never being satisfied with just “good enough” and always aiming for the spectacular. We are confident that you will love The Steam Hotel as much as we do and we are very much looking forward to welcome you as our guest!

The Steam Hotel is the sequel to a story that began long ago, in the days when large parts of Sweden was powered by energy from a steam power plant at Lake Mälaren. But over time, as society develops and needs changed, all that remained in Västerås was a beautiful old brick building with its machines, boilers and pipes reminiscent of a bygone era. Until now, when the visionaries behind Falkenberg Strandbad, Ystad Saltsjöbad, Hotel Pigalle Hotel Bellora poured their combined effort into the old steam power plant once again to become one of the country’s main energy suppliers. Now at your service.

The 18-storey landmark has that raw feeling which only an industrial building can give, and you can really feel the history engrained in the walls. The 227 hotel rooms have a nice industrial-romantic style in which raw materials such as stone, metal and concrete are softened by wood, glass and textiles. Floor number seven is specifically set aside to renew energy and strength. There is a large steam-spa, indoor pool, orangeri and roof terrace with an outdoor pool. Two restaurants serving extraordinary culinary and visual experiences with exciting flavours of local produce in environments that are a delight to the eye – all with an atmosphere that delights the soul. We have taken advantage of and recycled as much as possible and used our creativity to find new functions for old boilers and instruments.

At a comfortable distance to Stockholm’s high pulse tempo, in a unique and historic setting framed by panoramic views of the lake will make a visit to The Steam Hotel a truly unforgettable experience.